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Do Recreational Boaters Need a VHF Radio

Demystifying VHF Marine Radios Requirements A VHF radio is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have on your boat. These devices allow you to communicate with other vessels about navigation and safety information, which can quite literally save your life in the event of an emergency. Recreational boats that are […]

Safely Taking a Small Boat Offshore
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How far offshore can I take my boat

Safely Taking a Small Boat Offshore Captain Ron Rico said, “If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there.” Truer words have never been spoken about boating. Is your boat ready for ‘out there’? Seaworthiness is a very general term used to describe how capable a vessel is and how much it can safely take. […]

Custom T-top

Ultimate Guide to Custom Tee-Tops for Your Boat

Key Facts to Know About T-Tops Getting the right T-top for your boat is no easy feat. Although these awesome protective structures allow you plenty of shade and shelter from the rain and the sun, if your boat didn’t come with a built-in T-top, it can be a chore to find one that’s just right […]

Powder Coated T-Top

Should You Powder Coat Your T-Top

Key Facts about Protecting Your Boat’s T-Top Nearly every boat has some amount of metal on board. It might not be much–bow rails and cleats, or maybe a Bimini top frame. Other boats have a massive amount of metal in the form of T-tops, tuna towers, poling platforms, rod holders, and rails of every description. […]

maximum boat horsepower
Rules and Laws

Maximum Boat Horsepower Calculator

Want to Know the Biggest Engine Your Boat Can Handle? Check out our new horsepower calculator If you’re curious to know what the largest engine you can legally put on your boat is, try this calculator. It uses the federal regulations to compute the largest outboard engine you’re allowed to install. The federal government regulates […]

How to Select an Anchor for Rivers
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What is the Best River Anchor

How to Select an Anchor for Rivers Knowing how to anchor your vessel in all conditions is an essential skill that all good skippers should have. Anchoring allows you to keep your boat in a position without having to worry about drifting around because of the wind or the current. When you’re at anchor, you, […]