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Can you ski behind a pontoon boat
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Can You Ski Behind A Pontoon Boat

Pulling Skiers with a Pontoon Boat | Everything You Need to Know Pontoon boats are one of the most versatile watercraft you’ll find. They’re great for a variety of water activities which makes them ideal for families and large groups. Whether you enjoy fishing or cruising, a pontoon boat is going to deliver. Not surprising, […]

What does a bilge pump do
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What Does a Bilge Pump Do

The Bilge Pump | Your Boat’s Life Jacket Boating in the United States has become a very popular pastime. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a leisure activity where people travel by boat, and a recreational activity for fishing and sports. Boats have become ‘the thing to have’, and a lot of people just […]

Winterize your outboard engine

Winterizing an Outboard Engine

Key Things You Need to Do to Winterize Your Outboard Prepping your boat for the cold winter months is called winterizing. If you plan to winterize your boat yourself, here are some winterization tips we’ve prepared to make sure you don’t forget anything. Winterizing Checklist Start by making a checklist of all the tasks you […]

How to get your boating license
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How to Get Your Boating License

Everything You Need to Know | How to Obtain a Boating License On a hot, sunny summer’s day there’s nothing better than being out on the water and cruising around in your boat. Whether you like to fish, glide through the water, or just sit and relax, there’s no doubting that boating is a fantastic […]

Bimini Top Header
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What Size Bimini Top Do I Need

Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Bimini Top Selecting the right Bimini top for our boat is more than just finding the right color and shape. My wife and I needed to find one that fit the measurements and dimensions of our boat. It also needed to be just the right height without added […]

Flares for Boats

Do I Need Flares for My Boat?

Boating Flares and Distress Signals All boat owners are legally required to meet minimum safety standards, even if they only use it for recreation. If your boat is less than 16 feet you only need distress signals between sunset and sunrise. This can be one electric distress light or three combination day/night red flares. If […]