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Custom T-top

Ultimate Guide to Custom Tee-Tops for Your Boat

Key Facts to Know About T-Tops Getting the right T-top for your boat is no easy feat. Although these awesome protective structures allow you plenty of shade and shelter from the rain and the sun, if your boat didn’t come with a built-in T-top, it can be a chore to find one that’s just right […]

Bimini Top Header
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What Size Bimini Top Do I Need

Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Bimini Top Selecting the right Bimini top for our boat is more than just finding the right color and shape. My wife and I needed to find one that fit the measurements and dimensions of our boat. It also needed to be just the right height without added […]

Boat Fender

Tips for Using Boat Fenders

Fender or Bumper: What’s The Difference? Most any boater knows that they need to protect their investment when it’s docked so that vitals like the hull aren’t damaged by moorings, pilings, and other boats. This is especially true for rougher water conditions. Where boating novices often go astray is in properly identifying the equipment they […]

Boating Apps
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12 Best Boating Apps for Your Smartphone

Smartphone Apps for Your Boat Are you a boating enthusiast? Do you love being outside, on the water, with the ocean breeze in your face? If you do, there are several smartphone apps that can make your boating experience much more enjoyable. A lot of really great apps are available for amateur captains looking for […]

Navigation Light

The Importance of Navigation Lights

Why Are Navigation Lights Important? For some sailors, navigation lights seem like an optional feature to make sailing easier and safer. However, anyone accustomed to sailing at night or during periods of low visibility will tell you that proper navigation lighting is a must. Commercial vessels are required by law to have navigation lights, but […]

LED Boat Lighting

LED Lights for Boats

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Boat to LED Lights Lighting up your boat while keeping it energy efficient used to be a laughable matter. Today, however, you have options when it comes to LED lights. LED lights are a popular addition to modern boats. They offer a reliable and attractive option for navigation lighting, […]