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Car towing boat
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Can My Car Tow A Boat?

How to Tow Your Boat Without Destroying Your Car It may have taken years, but all of the saving and fretting has finally paid off and you finally have the boat you always wanted. Whether it’s a bass boat used to spend hours chasing after fish, or a ski boat to create some heart racing […]

Boat Fender

Tips for Using Boat Fenders

Fender or Bumper: What’s The Difference? Most any boater knows that they need to protect their investment when it’s docked so that vitals like the hull aren’t damaged by moorings, pilings, and other boats. This is especially true for rougher water conditions. Where boating novices often go astray is in properly identifying the equipment they […]

Boat Trailer Flat Tire

Surviving a Boat Trailer Tire Blowout

How to Safely Handle a Flat Tire on Your Boat Trailer Have you noticed that there seem to be fewer tire blowouts on the road these days? This isn’t a coincidence. While we may always have the occasional flat tire, tire technology continues to improve, with fewer blowouts as the happy consequence. This is good […]

Boating Apps
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12 Best Boating Apps for Your Smartphone

Smartphone Apps for Your Boat Are you a boating enthusiast? Do you love being outside, on the water, with the ocean breeze in your face? If you do, there are several smartphone apps that can make your boating experience much more enjoyable. A lot of really great apps are available for amateur captains looking for […]

Boat Fire Extinguisher Life

How long is a Boat Fire Extinguisher Good For

Your Boat’s Fire Extinguisher Has a Limited Shelf Life Imagine picking up a fire extinguisher during an emergency on your boat only to find it’s empty or not in working condition. None of us want to find ourselves in this dangerous situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way to know if […]

Boater’s Insurance
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Do You Need Boat Insurance?

Is Insuring Your Boat Worth the Cost You finally bought the boat you wanted and can’t wait to get on the water. You want to hear waves lapping against the sides, feel a light breeze passing by, and just relax. Or maybe your plan is to gather friends for an afternoon of water skiing. Either […]