Amazing Fishing with Underwater Boat Lights
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Underwater Lighting Can Transform Your Boat

I just completed an exhaustive analysis of underwater lights for boats. Most of the available information about underwater boat lights is focused on fishing. This makes sense because that’s what most boat owners with underwater lights are looking to do. But there are other benefits to having underwater lights on your boat.

It’s also nice for those who ride out into the lake early in the morning when the sun hasn’t completely risen. In reality, this product would help more than just anglers and fishermen. Anyone who owns a boat, in reality, will love this product. It’s not only great for fishing, but it’s also great for nighttime boat trips or evening boat dates. You’ll enjoy this product as long as you own a boat.

LEDs are the Best Underwater Boat Lights

LED lights are the logical choice for underwater lighting on your boat. The number of LEDs is the first thing you can think about. The brightness and coverage of the light will be determined by the number of LEDs used. The brighter the sun, the more LED lights there are. Light fixtures with 14 LEDs can be found, while others with 24 LEDs can be found. Of course, this is a personal choice.

Between lights with fewer LEDs and lights with more LEDs, there is typically a significant price difference. If you’re willing to spend the money on high-quality underwater fishing lights, look for ones with at least 14 LEDs. Get something with more LEDs if you can.

How Bright Should Underwater Boat Lights Be

Aside from the quantity, the efficiency of the lights should be considered. The lumen count or luminous flux is commonly used to measure power. The brighter the sun, the higher the lumen count. Tiny underwater boat lights usually have a lumen output of 600 to 1000. You can get a bigger one if you want something with a lot more strength. These usually have a power range of 3000 to 6000 lumens. This will all be determined by the intensity of the light you seek.

How Long do Underwater Lights Last on a Boat

Another important factor to remember is the lifetime of the product. You’ll need a light that won’t quickly flame out. These lights usually have a total lifetime of about 50,000 hours before they burn out. Some lights will last for a total of 100,000 hours. When it comes to longevity, 50,000 hours should be the benchmark. However, if you can find a light that has a longer lifetime, such as 70,000 or 100,000 hours, you can consider purchasing it.

What Should Underwater Boat Lights Be Made of

The material you choose is also crucial because it decides how long your light can last. Since it will be submerged all of the time, you’ll need a light that is made of water-resistant material. A material with an IP65 to IP68 grade, for example. Even when submerged, these materials will normally last for a long time without rusting.

How Big are Underwater Boat Lights

Last but not least, the size of the light should be considered. The size of your light should match the size of your boat. If your boat is small, your lights should be small as well, such as 94mm or about 3 to 4 inches. However, if your boat is larger, you can get ones that are about 10 inches or larger.

You should think about the light’s weight. If the light on a small boat is too bright, the weight will cause the boat to break down. There might not be enough coverage if the light is too small for your large boat. When considering the scale, keep continuity and consistency in mind.

Should I Install Underwater Lights on My Boat

Now that we’ve covered the purchasing guide, let’s look at the product’s benefits and drawbacks so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy one.

Underwater Boat Lights – Pros

  • LED lights are often more powerful than halogen lights
  • Underwater lights do not wear out as easily as halogen lights
  • These lights are very solid
  • These lights are available in a variety of colors across the spectrum
  • These lights typically have a very long lifetime

Underwater Boat Lights – Cons

  • These lights can be a little difficult to mount at times
  • These lights can flicker on and off from time to time if water gets in the lights

What Maintenance is Required for Underwater Boat Lights

You will believe that since these lights do not easily wear out, they do not require any care or maintenance. Also, the best underwater led boat lights, however, will not last long if they are not properly managed. Here are some care and maintenance tips to ensure that you get the most out of your underwater LED lamps.

  • Regularly check the lights for dirt and saltwater that needs to be cleaned
  • Use fresh water to rinse the saltwater off the light and wipe it with a clean cloth
  • Reduce excess voltage by leaving the lights on for a while before turning it off
  • make sure that all parts are tightly screwed in place before turning it off


How Do I Install Underwater Lights on my boat?

You elevate your boat with a few bricks first, then get your underwater sun. After that, decide where you want your lights to go and mark the area with white paint. Drill a hole in the center of your marking after that. Pass the light’s wire through the hole. Drill the light’s screws in place until the wires are in the hole. Tape the light and repaint the area that has been painted around it.

After that, you should go inside the boat and deal with the cables. You can test it once you’ve connected the wires to the power source within the boat. Check to see if the lights come on when you turn on the switch.

What Does it Cost to Install Underwater Boat Lights?

This depends on the light you’re trying to install and the boat that you’re installing the light on. The most affordable installation cost is likely to be around $200. More complicated work, on the other hand, would cost between $500 and $1000.

Read my article on the costs to install LED lights on a boat.

What Colors do Underwater Boat Lights Come In?

You can select from a wide variety of colors across the RGB spectrum.

Do Underwater Boat Lights come with a warranty?

This is dependent on the type of light you purchase. However, these lights typically come with a one-year to three-year warranty. This is something to think about while looking for the best underwater lights for docks.

Are Fish Attracted to Underwater Lights?

They certainly can, but it all depends on the hue of the lights. Only white and green lights, for example, will attract fish to your boat. Since green lights cut through the water, they are particularly effective at attracting fish. Plankton is drawn to the green lights when this happens. Plankton attracts fish, and fish will soon pursue the plankton to your ships.

My Recommendations

With our underwater light comparison, you’ve narrowed down your options to just 14 out of a plethora of options available. Since we’ve mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of each product, you’ll be able to make a more educated decision that will lead to the best underwater boat light for your boat.

Of course, we have provided a purchasing guide with several criteria to help you narrow down your options even further to the best one. You will most likely select one of the options after considering all of the benefits and drawbacks of each product and comparing them to the purchasing guide.

We’ve included a FAQs section and some other useful content in addition to the 14 options and the buying guide. That way, you’ll have not only a guide for purchasing an underwater lamp but also a guide for using and maintaining it.

Now that you’ve covered all of your bases, you’re ready to enjoy your underwater boat light!

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