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The Greenfield 516-RD Vinyl Coated Anchor-Red 16lb Review

River anchors are built for use in lakes and rivers with strong currents or drifts. Nice features to have in an anchor are a solid vinyl covering to protect your boat from scratches and other damage  and to prevent corrosion. If you’re looking for an anchor with a secure hole on rivers, then you’ll want to take a close look at this one (Vinyl Coated River Anchor-Red).

My review of this river anchor found the following:

  • The design uses a combination of weight and flukes for a firm hold, even in windy conditions.
  • To get the best hold, gradually lower the grapple to allow it to penetrate the bottom sediments.

Nice features of this anchor – the vinyl coating helps to protect your boat’s finish from incidental damage and it’s design configuration will give you a reliable hold in a thunderstorm or strong current.

This anchor is available on Amazon if you’re curious.

Taking a Quick Glance at Vinyl Coated Anchor-Red 16lb


  • PVC Coating.
  • 1-year guarantee.
  • Good grip in soft bottoms.
  • 16-lb weight.
  • Can be easily lifted out of the water.
  • 3 flukes with a curved design.
  • Simple to set.


  • Flukes don’t fold inward.
  • Blades are not especially sharp which may limit hold.
  • Does not include any line.


Vinyl Coated Anchor-Red’s Key Characteristics

  • PVC Coating:

This anchor comes with a vinyl coating that protects it from corrosion. The coating is thick enough to ensure it won’t be cut and expose the metal beneath it. Greenfield coated the entire anchor, including the ring where your line connects, which guarantees you won’t have rust form on this critical part of the anchor.

  • 1-Year Guarantee:

One of the best advantages of this product that you get a 1-year warranty. If you have any sort of problem you can easily contact the company.

  • Powerful Grip In Soft Bottom:

This anchor gives you a solid grip, especially in soft bottoms, where some anchors might fail. Having confidence that your anchor will remain set is a nice benefit.

  • Heavy Weight:

The weight of this anchor is a good balance between enough mass to penetrate the river bottom with saving your back when it’s time to raise anchor. I found the 16-pound weight to be perfect for my boat and water conditions.

  • Easily Lifted Out:

Raising this anchor is relatively easy and straight forward. The flukes don’t fold in which makes releasing it pretty easy. This feature is a disadvantage when you’re storing the anchor because it takes up more space.

  • 3 Flukes with a Curved Design:

Curved flukes provide a strong grip in a variety of bottom conditions. This anchor has 3 flukes that are combined with a curved design to improve its ability to set in either rocky conditions or soft bottoms.

  • Simple To Deploy And Use:

The best thing about this boat anchor is you won’t need to learn any special techniques to set it. You can deploy it easily in pretty much any place you like.

The Best Feature Of Vinyl Coated Anchor-Red 16lb

The holding power of this anchor is amazing. It’s up to the task of holding your 20-foot pontoon boat, even with a stiff breeze. It holds your boat well in soft bottoms yet is easy to retrieve. It’s heavier, yet smaller and easier to use and truly holds in place regardless of wind or current conditions, and can hold better than a similar size mushroom anchor. It provides a decent holding capacity even in brisk winds.

I don’t think you’ll find a better boat anchor than this one in this price range. It provides most of the features that recreational boat owners are looking for. I’m confident recommending this product for anyone looking for an all-round river anchor.  to you people to try this once, it will make your all work super easy.


Areas That Could Use Improvement with Vinyl Coated Anchor-Red 16lb

You have to attach your anchor line to this anchor yourself. Greenfield chose not to provide any rope or chain. You can purchase nylon rope at any place that sells marine supplies, and attaching it to your anchor isn’t difficult if you know how to handle line. But, it’s one more thing you have to take care of before you can enjoy your boat.

Every anchor is designed for specific applications, and the flukes are a key part of how this style anchor works. In my opinion, they could have a less rounded point to improve the performance on rocky bottoms. If you do most of your boating in rocky areas, you may want to consider another anchor.

Flukes that fold inward give you slightly more holding or gripping power. This anchor does not have this feature. However, it’s more difficult to release an anchor with folding flukes.  One minor point, the design of this anchor is older than some of the other models I looked at.



If you’re looking for the best anchor within your budget then you won’t find any other product with better features and performance. This anchor has some attractive specifications as outlined above. It is a good, all around anchor that has a nice look (thanks to the vinyl coating).  The key feature of this anchor is that it provides great holding capacity in a range of conditions – you can use it with hard bottoms, soft mud, and rocky areas. Overall, this anchor gives you reliable hold  and good looks for a nice price.

John Allen

With more than a decade of experience cruising the lakes in my Crestliner Grand Cayman pontoon boat and my Boston Whaler, I now want to share everything I've learned with my community here at Boating Hub.