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The Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor Review

If you use your boat on rivers or in areas with currents, you should have a river anchor. A good one will ensure you remain where you drop anchor and prevent you from drifting downstream. Even if you already have an anchor, you may find that a model designed specifically for use on a river works much better. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at river anchors for my boat, and I want to share my findings.

The 3006.6557 BoatTector Vinyl–Coated River Anchor from Extreme Max is worth a look. This model is light in weight (18 pounds) but still more stable than similar river anchors. It offers a nice combination of weight with a fluke configuration that gives a firm hold during windy conditions or in water with a strong current. A nice feature is the vinyl coating which help prevent scratching your deck or hull.

This anchor is available on Amazon if you’re curious.

Taking a Quick Glance at Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor

We evaluated the 18-pound Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor. Here are the advantages and limitations of this anchor.


  • Fluke design for a firm hold
  • Holds well in windy conditions
  • Works great in muddy, weedy or rocky bottoms
  • Best for drifting environment
  • The vinyl coating protects your boat’s surfaces
  • Performs well around reefs – reduces risk of harm to coral


  • It does not include a shackle – you’ll have to purchase separately
  • Can hold a maximum of 23 feet boat in windy conditions

Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor’s Key Characteristics

The 18-pound Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor is an ideal choice for boats that are 23 feet and less. It is light in weight and can be stored and handled easily. It makes a strong hold, which prevents drifting in windy conditions or strong currents.

The combination of weight and flukes allows the Extreme Max BoatTector River Anchor to grip the bottom and avoid dragging. Many of the reviewers noted that it performs well in a variety of bottom types including mud, weeds, and rocky areas. This anchor sets nicely in mud or sand, digging in with the application of light and steady pressure. The integral eye hook is cast with the anchor which provides additional strength and reduces the likelihood it will break off if it’s caught on the bottom.

This anchor was built with sensitive marine environments in mind, so there is no lead in any of its components. The Extreme Max BoatTector has a rugged Vinyl coating, which protects the anchor from corrosion while minimizing the likelihood you’ll scratch your boat as you raise and lower it.

The best feature of Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor

Due to its lightweight, it is super easy to handle the Extreme Max BoatTector River Anchor. It sets immediately in either muddy or sandy bottoms with consistent and reliable performance. It also works well on rocky bottoms, and is relatively easy to recover. It’s a great for windy conditions or spots with current.

The weight of this anchor allows it to penetrate into soft bottoms, and the fluke configuration gives it a stable hold. This type of anchor works best if you lower it carefully onto the bottom so it can be set correctly. If you’re anchoring near a reef, the solid hold of this anchor will ensure you don’t accidently drift into the sensitive coral.

Areas that could use Improvement with Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor

Although it’s a solid choice for a river anchor, it won’t work well if you have a large boat. Anything over 23 feet is too long. Heavy boats are also a concern with this anchor (passenger weight plus gear should be considered here). If your boat has a high profile, like a pontoon boat, you may want a heavier anchor, especially if it’s a windy day.

The Extreme Max BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor doesn’t come as a complete set, which means you’ll need to purchase a shackle and chain if you don’t already have them.

Review Summary

If you’re looking for a reliable river anchor for your boat, the Extreme Max 3006.6557 BoatTector Vinyl – Coated River Anchor is certainly worth a closer look. Whether you’re cruising in muddy waters or on a rocky shore, this 18 pound, river anchor will serve you well on a windy day or in relatively strong currents. Despite its moderate to light weight, it offers the holding capacity of a heavyweight anchor. Our opinion of the Extreme Max BoatTector River Anchor is that it will give you exceptional holding capacity and stability in most of the conditions you’re likely to encounter.

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